The Whispered World Special Edition App Reviews

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Beautiful but use a walk through for nonsensical puzzles

This is a classic adventure that's beautifully illustrated. The story is very slow to start but mildly engaging. The dialog is clever and fun. I love that you can have the subtitles in one language and the voiceovers in another. I recommend English with the original German actors. And then there are the puzzles. This is what originally hurt the adventure genre: convoluted, nonsensical puzzles. If you are willing to spend hours experimenting and backtracking, you'll have fun. Except towards the end where it oddly introduces interactive puzzles. The mosaic tiles was the end for me. A walk through is invaluable up to that point. The text based one on gameboomers is perfect for little hints. (No bugs or glitches with the latest iOS and iPad Pro.)

Slow, outdated

I wanted to like this but compared to other newer games, this drags far behind.

A masterpiece

The Whispered World is truly a beautiful game. Not only is the artwork aesthetically captivating, it's challenging and exciting, and funny and cute at times. You will feel bad for pessimistic, mopey, little Sadwick. But if you play the entire game until the end, you'll understand my choice to describe this game as a masterpiece.

Bug, please fix and i will change my review

Great game, beautiful artwork. Some puzzles a very easy but some so hard that the walk-through would be welcome.

Wonderful game!

Worth the price for anyone who loves point-and-click adventures. Runs just fine with no crashes on iPad Pro.

What a shame

It looks like it's probably a beautiful game. It gets hung up on the Pause / Slide to skip screen. My iPad 4 just stutters at that point and can't continue. I have never made it past the opening credits. Dear developers, don't skimp on QA. It's a real shame when all your hard work turns into a 1 star rating because of some stupid bug that would probably take a few minutes to fix. 1 star. Game is unplayable.

Please fix!

This game is awesome but it keeps crashing. Please fix and I will rate 5 stars.

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